Can you imagine an Africa, where its 226 million youth population could fulfil its potential? OBN Foundation is taking up the challenge to unlock the potentials of the African youth population through sports and education.
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If the world wasn't looking to Africa for basketball’s future talent,
it definitely is now.

70 athletes

of African origin were listed in the NBA as at 2020. The league is composed of 74.2 percent black players and has the highest percentage of black players of any major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada.


A youth demography empowered is a society secured. It is time potential meets opportunity at a global stage.

Let’s give the African student-athlete the platform to reach the peak. Empowering the African student-athlete is inspiring a movement.

It starts a ripple effect that impacts families, societies and country.

That is the vision of the
OBN Academy Foundation.


We reach thousands of African athletes

Our mission is to empower thousands of Africa’s youth population by bridging the gap between sports and education; through scholarship opportunities to world class schools in the United States.

Slide The goal is to create opportunities for African student-athletes with the expectation that many of those students will obtain scholarships to attend universities and colleges in the U.S. They will obtain a U.S education, as well as the opportunity to experience life in the U.S, further develop their academic and athletic skills whilst establishing friendships and relationships – all of which may benefit them later in life. “

| Obinna Ekezie
Founder, OBN Foundation.
Retired University of Maryland and NBA star athlete
Slide The OBN Academy Foundation works in partnership with the OBN Academy in Nigeria to provide life changing opportunities for African student athletes through placement at elite high schools and universities throughout the United States. Our mission is to empower each student through education and basketball while raising up the next generation of leaders.
| Barry McRoberts
Director, OBN Academy Foundation.

That’s where OBN Foundation comes in


The OBN Foundation has been organized to function as a Texas non-profit corporation to solicit charitable contributions and in-kind donations to sponsor African student athletes wanting to attend public or private high school (and possibly Junior College) in the U.S. 

OBN Academy intends to have a governing board that represents the broad interest of the public including educators, business and community leaders and other persons representing a broad cross-section of the general public.

Athleticism. Academics. Accomplishment.

How we work

We are building an athletic system that Africans can trust for professionalism and transparency.


OBN Foundation works to provide life-changing opportunities for African student-athletes through placements at elite high schools and colleges across the United States. 


The OBN Academy is Africa’s premier basketball academy providing the education, network, and coaching for its enrollees. 


OBN Live 360 is a subscription-based video-sharing platform for coaches and schools interested in recruiting student athletes for higher education. 

The Process



L-R: Founder, OBN Foundation, Obinna Ekezie, United States Consul General, Claire Pierangelo, OBN Director of Global Brand and Marketing, Noella Ekezie, U.S Consulate Public Affairs diplomat, Jennifer Foltz

Once enrolled at OBN Academy, OBN evaluates the public and private high schools that students will attend to ensure that students are getting a good education in a safe environment. For some students, OBN Academy will coordinate with private high schools to obtain scholarship opportunities and negotiate discounted tuition and fees when possible. OBN Academy may also provide stipends and other in-kind support to host families and students for essentials such as books, educational aids, clothing, toiletries, transportation, tutoring and additional training.

Obtaining visas to study in the U.S. can be a difficult process so, OBN Academy will coordinate with the U.S Consulate in Nigeria to assist students in obtaining their F-1 student visas required to attend school in the U.S.

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